Retail scrap metal recycling

FERROUS scrap metal

Premier Metal produces high-quality ferrous scrap for its steelmaking and foundry customers. Consumer scrap items, such as old automobiles and appliances, and industrial scrap are received, tested, sorted and processed at Premier Metal’s various facilities to be returned to the new metal manufacturing process. Every Premier Metal facility is equipped with radiation detectors and experienced employees to ensure specific product quality. The combination of knowledgeable employees, state-of-the-art processing equipment, and the unparalleled commitment to meet specific customer needs is what has led to a growing list of long-standing satisfied customers.

NON-FERROUS scrap metal

Premier Metal handles a variety of non-ferrous scrap, including aluminum, copper, brass, lead, nickel, stainless and hi temp alloys and other non-ferrous items, to support the diverse needs of its domestic and international customers. Premier Metal’s non-ferrous warehouse facilities purchase old non-ferrous scrap metal from private, commercial and other sources, as well as new non-ferrous scrap from industrial customers’ production and machine processing operations.

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